Piatra Blue

Piatra Blue

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Easy to Clean

Full HD Design

9-10MM Thickness

100% Waterproof

Bending Strangth

Stain Rasistance

Chemical Rasistance

Flat Surface

High Strength

East to Install

Application AreaInteriorExterior
ResidentialLight CommercialCommercialResidentialCommercial
Dimension & Surface Quality
length± 0.60%± 0.10%ISO 10545-2
Thickness± 5.00%± 3.00%ISO 10545-2
Straightness in side± 0.50%± 0.10%ISO 10545-2
Rectangularity± 0.50%± 0.10%ISO 10545-2
Surface flatness± 0.50%± 0.510%ISO 10545-2
Surface qualityDeclared by Manu.95~105%150 2813(Gloss Meter)
Glossiness (only Polished Products)Min. 95% Tile Should Be Free From DefectsMin. 98% Tile Should Be Free From DefectsISO 10545-2
Physical Characteristics
Water absorptionE≤0.5%E≤0.5%ISO 10545-3
MOWS hardness≤6≤6ISO 10545-3
Moisture expansionNilNilISO 10545-10
Abrasion resistanceDeclared by Manu.Pei 3~5 (Declared on product)ISO 10545-7
Mechanical Characteristics
Flexural strength(MOR)≥35N/mm2 (350kg/cm2)≥37N/mm2(370kg/cm2)ISO 10545-4
Breaking strength1300 Newton2000 NewtonISO 10545-4
Impact resistanceDeclared by Manu.No indentation or crackingISO 10545-5
Safety Characteristics
Skid resistance(Dynamic Friction Coefficient)≥0.4≥0.4ISO 10545-17
Density≥2.0 gm/cc≥2.3 gm/ccDIN 51082
Thermo Photo Characteristics
Thermal shock resistanceResistant to 10 cyclesPass MM. 10 cyclesISO 10545-9
Frost resistanceFrost ProofNeed to comply with the standardISO 10545-12
Coefficient of Linear thermal Expansion9x10-6 K-1<5.86x10-6 K-1ISO 10545-8
Color resistance to UV lightResistantResistantISO 15010505-16
Chemical Characteristics
Chemical resistance: House Hold Chemicals & Swimming Pool SaltsMin.Class - GBConfirm to Classes - GAISO 10545-13
Chemical resistance: Low Concentrations Acids & AlkalisMin.Class - GIBConfirm to Classes - GIAISO 10545-13
Chemical resistance: High Concentrations Acids & AlkalisMin. Class - GHBConfirm to Classes - GHAISO 10545.13
Stain resistanceMin. Class - 3Min. Confirm to Class - 4ISO 10545.14
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