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The company is driving its export growth constantly with a mission in mind to reach each corner of the world. With a traditional focus on the world as a strategic growth market, Lorison ceramic is looking forward to entering into new geographical areas to increase its exports.

Currently company exports to more than 20 countries around the globe. Which is a testimony to its excellent reputation in the ceramic industry.


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How We Work

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The highly motivated export team is ready to spread the magic of our product around the world.

Our export team will help you to choose the right product according to your need to deliver the product to desire any foreign location. They will keep you updated with your order right from the manufacturing status, Packing, Transportation, etc.


We Export At

well connected port
with our dispatch center

The largest port in India is Mundra port and our manufactring unit & dispatch center is located about 184 km away from Mundra port. Mundra port it easily accessible by road and it’s well connected to our dispatch center. The port of Mundra is frequented by all major shipping lines and provides flexibility in choice of lines that can be used to send shipments across the world without any obstacles as well as on time.


Packing Details

Tile SizeTile ThicknessTiles/BoxWeight (kg)/BoxSq.Mtr./BoxBoxes/PalletsPallets/ContainerBoxes/ContainerSq. Mtr./Container
40X40CM12 MM Approx..5 Pcs.19.5 Kg.0.8 Sq. Mtr.68 Box20 Pallet1360 Box1088 Sq. Mtr.
30X45CM8 MM Approx.6 Pcs.11 Kg.0.81 Sq. Mtr.114 Box22 Pallet2508 Box2031.48 Sq. Mtr.
30X60CM9MM Approx.5 Pcs.13 Kg.0.9 Sq. Mtr.84 Box23 Pallet1932 Box1738.80 Mtr.
60X60CM9.2 MM Approx.4 Pcs.29 Kg.1.44 Sq. Mtr.40 Box26 Pallett1040 Box1497.6 Sq. Mtr.
60X120CM2 Pcs.1.44 Sq. Mtr.60 Box x 12 Pallet

30 Box x 7 Pallet
19 Pallet930 Box1339.2 Sq. Mtr.
(Horizontal packing)
9 MM Approx.2 Pcs.54 Kg.2.56 Sq. Mtr.15 Box
80X160CM2 Pcs.2.56 Sq. Mtr.40 Box x 10 Pallet

10 Box X 47 Pallet
14 Pallet480 Box1288.8 Sq. Mtr.
120X240CM1 Pcs.2.88 Sq. Mtr.508 Pallet400 Box1152 Sq. Mtr.

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